FAQ Medical Insurance

  1. What is Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance is a contract that you take with an insurance company. The insurance company will then agree to pay some of or all of your medical bills depending on your coverage type.

The insurer is paid a certain amount a month, which is called the premium.

  1. Why do you Need Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance needs to be in place so that the cost of any treatment that may occur is covered.

  1. Can Family Members be Covered?

Direct family members like children and your spouse that live with you are included as dependents in your medical insurance.

  1. Will I Need a Medical Examination?

Generally a medical exam is not necessary, but you will have to fill out a medical form where you declare any and all medical information. A medical report can be requested from your doctor.

  1. Will I be covered for any Illnesses or Injuries that I have before I Join?

Pre-existing conditions are usually excluded within the first two years of membership.

  1. Why do I Need Medical Insurance?

Health care can be expensive, so without medical insurance you will have to pay for any treatment or hospital stay out of your own pocket. Medical insurance will then protect you from these expenses and share the cost.

  1. What is the Difference between a Deductible, a copayments and coinsurance?

All of these are medical charges that you will need to pay from your pocket. The deductible is the initial expense that you pay every year to be covered for health services. A copayment is a specific amount they you pay towards each medical service. A coinsurance is a set percentage, which you pay towards the service.

  1. What Does Medical Insurance Cover?

The cover that you receive will depend on the policy that you choose and the payment amount that you make. But it might include in-patient treatments, day patient treatment and out patient treatment.

  1. How much will it Cost?

The amount that you pay per month will depend on the level of cover, the policy and your own circumstances.

  1. What are the Benefits?

The benefits of medical insurance are many. For one you will be covered in the event of an illness or injury where you have to go to hospital. You also have a range of network doctors and hospitals to choose from so that you get the best care.


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