What To Consider Before Choosing Your Health Insurance Plan

In the event of illness or an emergency, you will want to have access to quality and private medical care, but medical aid can be extremely expensive, which is why health insurance can be invaluable in times of need. When you are looking at health insurance, there are a few things that you need to consider before you choose your health insurance plan.

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What Can You Afford

You first need to determine what you are able to afford. It is a good idea to compare health insurance plans in terms of their cost and the cover that they offer. If you are not able to afford a health insurance plan, but you know that in times of an emergency you need access to private medical aid, then you can consider taking only a hospital plan. This will give you private hospital care in the case of an emergency.

Do You Get Sick A Lot?

Think about how often you get sick and see a GP. If you don’t get ill often and don’t require too much cover for GP visits then you are able to save money by opting for a starter hospital plan. If you are looking for cover for your whole family, then you need to keep in mind that children who go to school are exposed to more germs and need a fuller cover that offers frequent doctor visits.

Even if you don’t get sick often or if you are only covering yourself, your health insurance plan will assist with x-rays, dental check-ups and other care that you may need from time to time.

Can You Visit the Doctor of Your Choice

Before you sign for a health insurance policy, you need to make sure that you are able to visit the doctor or hospital of your choice. Good health insurance plans will allow you to visit any medical practitioner whereas others may only allow you to visit specified doctors and hospitals in your area. This could mean that you will have to travel further, open new medical records with new doctors in the case of an emergency.

What Cover Are You Getting?

You will determine the amount of cover that you will receive from a health insurance plan. You should find out how much your doctor usually charges for an appointment and then compare this to what the health insurance provider pays. If there is a shortfall then you need to make sure you can afford this. If you can’t then you should consider paying a slighter higher premium for fuller claim amounts, so that you can pay less out of pocket for medical care.

What Does the Plan Cover?

You need to read every single detail of the health insurance plan before you sign. You need to know exactly what you are covered for like maternity care, blood tests, chronic medication and other such things. You need to make a list of items that you have to be covered for and ensure that the policy suits you and your family needs.

What are the Benefits of Health Insurance

Health insurance and medical aid are often confused. Health insurance is the supply of a lump sum that will cover hospital care due to an emergency, accident or operation and you can claim money paid for GP and dentist visits and other medical needs depending on your plan. Health insurance is catered to the customer and is suited for the individual and is literally insurance for your health.

health insurance

So, what are the benefits of health insurance?

Outpatient Care

Getting the care, you need is highly important, especially for those that have chronic diseases like heart conditions, diabetes and mental illness. Health insurance is able to offer cover and privileged care to patients without having to be hospitalised. Health insurance will offer a lump sum that allows for this type of care to be possible.

A Focus on Mental Health

The majority of medical aids will have a maximum limit where they will no longer be able to provide care to a patient in terms of mental health. Health insurance, on the other hand, allows patients to treat their mental illness without having to worry that they will deplete their care benefits. There are also health insurance plans that will cover addiction with rehabilitation as the treatment being offered, which is not common with medical aids.

Life Is Easier with Extra Benefits

Health insurance may offer additional benefits that some medical aids don’t. For instance, pregnant mothers and chronic patients can sometimes receive extra care. Pregnant women may have access to counselling and extra care before, during and after birth. Also, cover can be implemented when necessary as there is no waiting period to go to a medical practitioner or hospital.

Chronic patients can receive care that covers hospitalisation according to their needs, the cost of various tests and emergency cover when patients need care, surgery or counselling immediately that assists in managing their condition.

Suited to Your Needs

With health insurance, you are able to get the care you need at a price that is not determined by your current health, which means those that are seen as high risk by medical aids can get care.

Health insurance is also a viable option for those that seek minimal health cover as they can get cover that is suited to what they want. Cover is based on what you need and doesn’t define you in the same way as everyone else, but rather looks at your extra needs and provides for these.

Health insurance is a great product to have and is more affordable than medical aid that can leave you with shortfalls. Health insurance offers the care that you need at a price that suits your budget, making it a viable option for individuals.