The New Driving Demerit System is now Law and Here is What You Earn Points For

The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Bill is now the law and through the implementation of the demerit system, the legislation aims to change driving behaviour. 

Every driver starts with 0 points and the maximum they are able to accumulate is 12 points. This accumulative points are assigned depending on the traffic infringement, with each infringement carrying a different number of points along with a fine. 

If a driver gets 12 or more points, then it will result in their license being suspended for a period of three months. Every three months, one point is reduced if no other violations occur during the three-month period. However, if a driver exceeds three suspensions then they could lose their license permanently. 

So, what do you earn points for?

Here are some of the traffic offences that will increase your points:

  • Four demerit points for driving without a licence
  • Six demerit points for driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance
  • One demerit point for using and holding a cell phone whilst driving
  • Two to six points for speeding
  • One demerit point for light vehicles and two points for busses and trucks that skip stop signs. 

If a driver is disqualified for a third time they will permanently lose their licence card and will then need to reapply for testing as if they were a first time licence applicant. Also, if you do not pay your traffic fines then the new system will prevent you from renewing your licence.