Top Ten Reasons to Get Health Insurance

You will need to look after your health as you become an adult as well as that of your family’s. You are able to protect your health through the use of a health insurance policy. Having health insurance means that you and your family will be protected in times of unexpected medical expenses and it will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the top ten reasons to get health insurance.

health insurance

Don’t Pay From Your Pocket

If you don’t have health insurance and you encounter a medical issue then you will need to pay for the medical bill from your own pocket, which can eat up your savings and even lead to debt. Health insurance can ease the burden of these medical costs like a major illness, a hospital stay or prescription drugs as the costs or part of will be transferred to the insurance company.

Peace of Mind

If you do not have a health plan then you are actually gambling that you will stay healthy. You might be young and in great health now, but as the years roll on it may not always stay this way. Also, your stress levels will increase when you don’t have a health plan, which will affect your health negatively. Getting a health plan will then give you peace of mind and you will feel better knowing that you are covered if any medical expenses come up.

Medical Costs are Cut

There are many people that will not get health insurance thinking that it will save them some money and that it will be cheaper just to pay for doctor visits. However, this is a mistake as you don’t know what the future holds and what operations or medications you will need and having health insurance will protect you when unforeseen occurrences happen and you will pay less for medical costs.

Visit the Doctor More

Health insurance will usually provide regular health check-ups so many times a year, which will help to reduce the incidence of ill health. This benefit saves the insurance company money and encourages the insured to have a healthy lifestyle.

Get the Medical Treatment you Need

Medical science has developed tremendously over the years, but this science is not available to everyone due to the costs. These costs will discourage the average person from taking timely action. However, when you have health insurance, you will be able to take timely action and get the help you need as the costs are reduced.

Wait…there are more reasons listed below…

No Need for Cash

Another constraint that affects timely treatment is that you might not have the funds on hand to pay. Usually, medical treatments require cash payments immediately on treatment and if you don’t have the funds then you won’t get the treatment. If you have health insurance, there are a few ways that they can work. The first is that you will need to pay and then are able to claim the amount back from your insurance company, the doctor will send the bill straight to your health insurance company or you will need to apply for pre-authorization from the insurance company and the doctor will claim from the company.

Preferred Provider Network

With health insurance, you will have access to a preferred provider network of hospitals and doctors. This can also mean that the insurance company has agreements with these doctors and hospitals and they may offer treatments at a pre-determined price that is lower than average, which reduces the paperwork, saves you money and you will be less stressed.

Just Be Healthy

The biggest advantage to having health insurance is that you will benefit from improved health. Those that do not have health insurance are more likely to wait to see a doctor that those with health insurance. This usually leads to a condition getting worse and even long-term problems, which will cause large medical bills.

health insurance

Prevention is the Key

There is a number of preventative health services offered to those with health insurance and they are free. These include:

  • Cholesterol screening
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Nutritional advice
  • Various vaccines
  • HIV testing and others.

You should take advantage of these preventative health services so you can catch any issues early and get the treatment that you need before they become serious. You can also learn how to change your lifestyle and avoid future health problems.

Restore Your Health Management 

Many people that don’t have health insurance will find the cost of treatments and medications overwhelming. This results in poor health management as patients will take smaller medication dosages, skip testing or avoid surgery. This can be dangerous if there is a serious health issue or a minor health issue may grow into something more serious.

Health insurance has a number of health and financial benefits for the insured and it is vital nowadays to have some type of health plan in place so you can take care of your health, your family’s health and get the treatments that you need and catch any health issues early.