How to Save on Medical Bills

Medical bills can quickly add up, especially if you do not have any cover to help with these costs. Nowadays, you need to have medical aid or medical insurance cover. Here is how you can save on medical bills.

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Find the Best Plan

When you are looking for a health plan, don’t just go for the one that has the lowest premiums. Benefits can change each year and so can you and your family’s health. You should compile a list of the average number of doctors visit per year, dental visits, routine prescriptions and monthly premiums. Compare the plans and see what you will pay over the course of a year for these items on each plan you are considering.

Make Sure You Have a Backup Plan

If you are changing jobs and will need to wait for your new medical aid to kick in, then you should ask your old employer if it is possible to extend your policy. If this is not possible then you could get a short-term family insurance plan, which means you will never be without coverage. Many medical aids and health insurance policies will have a waiting period.

Use the Extras

Have a look at if your health plan has any extra benefits like a discount on gym membership, legal or health advice, movie tickets and so on. You are able to use these benefits so do.

The Benefits

There are health insurance and medical aid policies that offer unlimited GP visits, a certain number of GP visits or out of network doctor visits per year, so make sure you take this into account when you are choosing a plan as you will want one with great benefits so that you are always covered. Also look for chronic disease and medication cover.

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Check Your Bills

There are times when your medical bills may contain mistakes like an incorrect billing code, account number or incomplete information, so make sure you go over your bills before you submit them to your insurance company to avoid any claims being rejected.

Your Network

You should first check whether your doctor is part of your insurance plans network before you make an appointment. If your doctor is, then your claim might be covered, but if your doctor isn’t part of the network then you will need to pay for the bill.

Have the List

Ask your insurance company for a copy of their covered prescriptions list and give this to your doctor. If your doctor knows what is on the list then they can select the best medication for you at the lowest price. If you need a referral to a specialist then take your plans preferred provider list to your appointment, so that your doctor can choose the best specialist that is covered by your plan.

Short on Cash

If you are struggling with cash, then tell your doctor or dentist as they may be able to suggest a treatment option that is less costly or they may agree to lower fees.

Are There Samples

Your doctor receives free medicine samples from pharmaceutical companies, so if you are trying a new rash cream or an antibiotic then your doctor may have enough samples to cover your treatment course.

The best way to save on medical bills is to be preventative so you can prevent having to go the doctor. Eat healthy, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle so you can save money in the long run.

You can also try generics instead of the name brand medicines as these are just as good and are cheaper.

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What You Need to Know Your Health Insurance

Health insurance is vital because you never know what may happen and health insurance can offer you peace of mind. Doctors, medicine and hospitals can cost a lot and you may not have this money on hand and you don’t want to go into debt. Here are some things you need to know about health insurance.

Medicines You Are Covered For

If you have a chronic illness that requires specific medications then you need to check if these are covered by your health insurance benefits or your medical aid prescribed minimum benefits. Medication can be quite costly and if you require a variety of medicines each month then you want to be sure that your health plan at least covers some of these.

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The Doctors and Hospitals You Can Visit

Health insurance providers usually have a network of doctors and hospitals that you can visit. You need to ensure that the health insurance policy you are thinking about signing up to offers a GP and a hospital in their network that is close to you. You will not want to travel in order to get healthcare that you need and you might not be able to.

Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions

Check to see if your health insurance plan covers pre-existing conditions that you need regular medical care for. There are some providers that will offer cover for certain pre-existing conditions and others may only partially cover these.

The Procedures You Are Covered For

You never know what will happen and what procedures you may have in the future, but you may have a general expectation of some procedures you may need like having a C-section or giving birth if you plan to have kids or you may have your appendix removed if it gives you trouble. You then need to check what procedures are covered by your health insurance plan.

Medical bills can easily add up and become costly, but having a medical plan in place can help to curb these expenses and you will also be able to save money on medication, doctors’ visits and hospital trips. Health insurance is a must and you will need to compare plans so you can choose the best one for you.