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What is medical insurance? Medical insurance is a way to pay for health care. It is able to protect you from paying the full costs of medical services. Medical insurance and medical aid do differ continue below to find out how.

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Local Doctor Network

You will receive unlimited managed doctor visits that are usually through a registered doctor health network. 

These networks operate all over South Africa and you will be able to find a doctor close to your home.

Radiology is offered through the doctor network and you will qualify for black and white diagnostic x-rays only.

Unlimited Doctor Visits

Out of Area GP Visits

Unlimited Doctor visits on Medical Insurance

If you are not in the area to see your network doctor, then you are allowed to have 3 out of area visits per family each year that is to either a GP of your choice or a GP that is not in the network.


Radiology Covered

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You will receive a specialist benefit per family and per year. You will need to have a referral by one of the doctors in the doctor network.

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Specialist Doctor Benefit

You will also receive an eye test every year and a set of glasses every 2 years that have a grey colour value with Spec-Savers.

A doctor in the network runs diagnostic blood tests after a referral. These are limited to basic pathology tests that have been approved.

Chronic Medications

Free Yearly Eye Test

Basic Pathology Test

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Local Medical Doctor Network

According to the formulary, acute and chronic medications are covered. With chronic medications there is a 6-month waiting period and a 12-month waiting period for a pre-existing condition.

There is a doctor health network for dentists and you can get treatment for pain control, cleaning, and fillings and for an emergency root canal.


 In the case of an accident you and your family will receive a benefit to care for any injuries that may have occurred. You will receive immediate cover.

In the event of an illness or an accident that causes death the benefit is paid to the principal member.

If you suffer from an accident that causes a permanent disability you will be covered for this eventuality.

You will receive a benefit for accidental exposure to HIV/Aids. You are allowed to have two incidents per family per year.

If you need to stay in hospital you will receive a daily benefit depending on the amount of days that you will need to stay. This amount is usually higher for the initial few days and you can be covered for up to 21 days.

You are able to have an additional illness protection benefit for either a single member or for a family.

A dread disease benefit will pay out for a stroke, a heart attack, a brain tumor, coronary heart disease, kidney failure, cancer, and blindness and for a major organ transplant.

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