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Debt can cause many problems and if you are applying for a debt consolidation loan then you are probably already suffering with debt or are in danger of heading down that road. There is help for those that are in debt and you can deal with debt smartly.

How Can a Debt Consolidation Loan Help You?

With a debt consolidation loan, you will be less stressed as your financial situation is simplified making your debt a lot easier to manage. With only one monthly fee to pay and one interest rate, you will be able to budget your finances better and be less stressed. Stop juggling multiple debts, interest rates and creditors with a debt consolidation loan.

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Instead of paying multiple debt repayments each month, you can make just one debt repayment that offers a lower interest and payment amount that is spread over a longer term. This means that you will have a better handle on your finances each month and better cash flow.  

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Debt consolidation loans do have their benefits, but you will need to be disciplined and pay on time so that you can start to lead a debt free life. 

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You are able to save up to 60% on your monthly debt repayments. This will provide you with a reduced monthly repayment and reduced interest. You will find cash flow relief and be able to budget for your family’s expenses better.

A Your Guide to Debt Consolidation

  • When a debt consolidation loan is used wisely it can have great advantages and will put you on the path to financial freedom.

  • A debt consolidation loan is undertaken to place numerous debts under one payment plan.

  • Debt consolidation offers reduced monthly payments and a lower interest rate. It does this by converting multiple smaller debts into one larger debt that has a longer term.

  • Debt consolidation loans from reputable providers will also offer you legal protection from creditors and repossession.

  • Debt consolidation is the first step to financial freedom and by turning your multiple debts into just one manageable one, you will be able to free up more cash flow and budget your finances better.

  • You are able to save money as you will not need to pay multiple fees, service charges, debit order charges and other such fees.

  • Debt consolidation is not without risk. As you will be paying one monthly amount over a longer term, you will be paying more in interest in the long run. This can be curbed by paying in extra when you are able to and only if you can afford to.

  • Debt consolidation is not for everyone, so make sure you take your time and consider if this is the right and only option for you.

  • If there is a likelihood of you defaulting on your loan repayments or you can’t keep up with all the payments, then a debt consolidation loan might provide the relief you are looking for whilst freeing up some cash flow.

  • You should only take a debt consolidation loan if you are financial disciplined and are committed to paying the loan back, so that you can improve your financial situation.

Terms and Conditions

DebtSafe is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and all fees are regulated by the NCR. All debt counsellors at DebtSafe are registered with the National Credit Regulator.

Fees charged by DebtSafe are built into your restructured payment plan. These fees are set by the National Credit Regulator. There are three fees charged those being the debt counselling fee, legal fee and an aftercare fee. You are able to apply for a free no obligation debt assessment and all fees charged are provided before you commit to the process.

The first month’s payment is a once off debt counselling fee and may not exceed R6000 according to the NCR.