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Debt Consolidation Loans for South Africans! Consolidation Loans or Debt Consolidation up to R 150 000.00

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It can help you settle your debts

It reduces your overall interest rate

Your monthly repayments are reduced

The credit's life insurance on the loan covers you for disability, death and retrenchment.

The loan will make a provision for your financial needs for the next few years

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Debt Consolidation Loans

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How does a debt consolidation loan help you?

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Reduced Repayments

When people apply for a debt consolidation loan they are either already suffering from financial stress or they are in danger of going that way. When you are in debt

there are smart ways for you to deal with debt.

Debt consolidation allows you to simplify your affairs and

it uses one large loan so that you can pay off your

smaller debts. You will then essentially move away from

having numerous creditors and credit agreements with

various interest rates, terms and fees to one loan with

just one creditor and will only have to pay one monthly fee.

Generally a debt consolidation loan will have a lower

overall average interest rate over a longer-term loan.Your monthly debt repayment is then lower and it will ease your financial situation and at the end of the month you will have more cash in hand.

100% Free. Same Day Approval.

If you want to benefit from a debt consolidation loan then you will need to encompass a financial discipline otherwise it can worsen your financial situation.

A Guide to Debt Consolidation

  • Debt consolidation loans can be used wisely and unwisely and when they are used wisely there are notable advantages.

  • A debt consolidation loan is a loan that is taken out for the purpose of paying offer other smaller loans and a build up of bills.

  • One of the main reasons that you might be interested in consolidating smaller loans into one larger one is to get a lower average interest rate. Debt consolidation usually involves replacing a high interest short-term debt like a credit card with a lower interest rate loan that has a longer term like your home loan.

  • If you have a property then you are able to apply for additional funds on your existing bond, but this will only apply if there is a positive equity in the property.

  • Debt consolidation will also give you the freedom to start over because you will be turning your different current obligations into just one, manageable monthly loan payment.

  • You will then be able to save on multiple fees, debit order charges and service charges. The monthly repayment will then be lower on the consolidated loan and your cash flow will start to improve.

  • Even though debt consolidation might seem like a great idea, there are risks involved like most things.With debt consolidation you will be paying a monthly amount over a longer period of time. In the long run, you will then pay more in interest on that debt. You are able to prevent this by paying in extra every month, but only if you afford to.

  • You actually shouldn’t pay short-term expenses with a long-term finance, but this might be the only option that you have.

  • If you are though in danger of defaulting on your loan repayments and you need to some breathing space and to help with your cash flow, Debt consolidation could be a lifeline or you may find that your home is repossessed because you have defaulted on payments.

  • The most important thing to remember with debt consolidation is that you need to be financially disciplined and committed to paying off the loan, so that you can improve your financial situation.